1. Brand Philosophy

In the pursuit of comfort, we eliminated all sources of stress and created underwear that feels so good that you forget you’re even wearing one.
Stay true to yourself and unlock your potential to celebrate every moment.

2. Diversity Collection

We offers a wide range of sizes (XS to XXXL) and gender-neutral
products in order to eliminate the inability to make choices due to "body shape" and "gender". We strive to create products that allow everyone to experience the feeling of comfort that one nova creates.

3. Fabric Technology

We have reviewed the discomfort that has been commonplace in underwear up to now, such as odor, itching, tightness, and chafing. NovaMerino™, a blend of Merino Wool (wool) and Micro Modal (material from trees), is a fabric developed by one nova that is both functional and environmentally friendly. By using "NovaMerino™" and designing products to fit all body shapes, we have created essentials that is almost completely free of wear.

4. Worry-Free Design

Underwear are designed to match the all body shapes to avoid discomfort originating from poor product design. The combination of one nova's proprietary "NovaMerino™" and well-considered product design has achieved the ultimate in comfort.